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Search Engine Optimization

Looking to be found? SQWAD will get you there

Our approach to SEO is simple: We make it easy for customers looking for products or services like yours to find your business online. To help you drive traffic, leads, and revenue from each relevant search engine results page (SERP)


Keyword Strategy

Insight on what search queries are relevant to your business, your industry, and your customers

SEO Copywriting

Keyword-focused content updates with careful consideration for brand voice and keyword density

Metadata Optimization

Continuous updates to important onsite elements like title/meta/alt tags and internal linking

Schema & Microdata

Detailed schema markup implementations to help search engines read and interpret page types and goals

XML Sitemap

Regular updates to sitemap and robots.txt files to allow search bots to better read and index your site


Why Choose SQWAD?


We research your business goals, priorities & preferences following which our team will do a deep dive within your industry & customers and a competitive analysis to gather data that will help us put together a successful SEO strategy.


Our technical team will run an in-depth audit of your brand website to address all errors to create a necessary SEO foundation. Our SEO team will curate a tailored strategy to suit your goals and maximize performance using high-quality content & the latest industry trends.


We run regular audits on your website to track its search engine rankings, by incorporating vital diagnostic and optimization tools such as Google Analytics & Google Search Console.


Our analysts continuously review our weekly, monthly, and quarterly data, The team will hone and expand our strategy to leverage new opportunities, address new risk factors, and adapt to a continually changing search engine algorithm.


Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Skip the Queue

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a form of online advertising in which advertisers accrue costs when users click their ads. Advertisers bid on the perceived value of a click in relation to the keywords, platforms, and audience type in which it originates.


What is PPC?

Climbing the organic search rankings for keywords can take many months, if not longer.   Whilst a necessary portion of any digital strategy, sometimes there is a need for more instant results.

This is where PPC comes into its own.  We can design and implement a campaign for your business that will start driving targeted traffic to your business instantly.

Why Choose


Advertise in the top positions

Our PPC experts help you advertise in the top spots across Google Search

Increase your conversions

With continuous optimizations, we’ll ensure that you meet your goals and increase your conversions.

Campaign optimisation

We optimize all aspects of your campaign including bids, audience targeting & devices ensuring high performance.

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