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What is Social Commerce?

At its most basic level - Social commerce sells products directly through social media networks.

It differs from social media marketing as you’re not redirecting users to an online store, but offering them the ability to checkout directly within the network they’re using at that moment.


It’s far more streamlined and, thanks to chatbot checkouts and autofill for payment and delivery details, means purchases rarely take more than a handful of clicks.

Most purchase journeys have too many unnecessary steps in the conversion funnel.

Each one massively increases the chance your potential customers are going to abandon their purchase and leave your store forever.

Why Choose


Can Social Commerce be Measured? 

Brands and individual sellers can monitor the performance of their social commerce activities through built-in features offered by social networks or through third-party analytics tools.


There are a variety of ways to measure social commerce, from growing follower engagement numbers surrounding products and services to tracking conversions directly related to promoted ads. 

Engaged Consumers
Take advantage of all buying/selling features
Personalized shopping experiences

SQWAD interacts with your social media users during every step of the buying process, helping increase brand awareness to promote your products on paid ads to accepting payment via social apps when they’re ready to buy. 

Social media apps have several convenient features that allow users to learn about, purchase, and pay for goods and services in the same network, such as Facebook Marketplace & Instagram shops.

SQWAD provides you with a detailed audit of your audience maximizing efficiency.

SQWAD customizes the types of brand products promoted on social media to suit audience demographics, interests, and more.

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