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Branding & Design

A Brand isn't just a name, its the invention of a whole new culture to show everyone who you are 


Branding is the keystone foundation of any business, big or small. It cannot be reduced down to a single campaign or the number of likes or followers. 

Spanning the whole spectrum from its online presence to its sales collateral along with its advertising and P.R. efforts, every point is an opportunity to improve and position a brand's perception. A well-defined brand results in unified messaging with an improved brand image.

Unfortunately, companies usually do not have a clear vision leading to unfocused messaging and wasted dollars. 

A well thought out branding strategy defines what your company stands for - its culture, personality & identity leading to maximum consumer impact.

Service Pillars

Brand Positioning

Brand Design

Brand Guidelines

Insights & Analysis

Trend Research

Consumer Personas

Why Choose SQWAD?

Our Process

The SQWAD team will help set clear project goals that incorporate your vision for the brand and conduct an extensive audit of your current brand collateral. 

We then conduct extensive research on your target audience and industry, helping conceptualize solutions and design three mood boards that illustrate key brand concepts.

You will then have several days to choose a single direction and distill feedback to the SQWAD team.

Finally, we deliver all the files needed for your brand and a style guide so that all employees and future projects can follow a unified brand image & maintain consistent messaging.


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